All parts are acid compatible for even the most corrosive fertilizer
  • Ozawa Flow Paced Systems can be installed on irrigation systems that have changing flows such as vegetable, golf course or nursery systems. The Ozawa Flow Pace System uses a water meter to sense water flow and will adjust the speed of the pump motor to provide a constant percentage of fertilizer to the irrigation system. Flow rates are adjustable from ounces per hour up to 48 gallons per hour.
  • Ozawa fertilizer pumps can also be used to control pH and E.C. in the irrigation water. Controllers are available through Ozawa that will measure pH or E.C. and adjust the rate of the applied material to maintain the preset levels.
  • Ozawa fertilizer pumps can be used on micro, drip, sprinkler, pivot or flood irrigation systems. Irrigation systems for all agricultural, Golf Course sprinkler or Nursery irrigation systems can be outfitted with an Ozawa Fertilizer pump. System pressure can be from 0 to 150psi.
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