Ozawa pumps can be used to control pH or E.C.
  • The Ozawa company philosophy is quality begins with research and development, and that must continue through the manufacturing and marketing of our products.
  • In the 1980’s we saw the need for a high quality, accurate, reliable metering pump for the agricultural industry.
  • Ozawa R&D, Inc. was established in 1987 by combining over 50 years of experience in automotive repair, Indy car racing and design, military aircraft maintenance, agriculture chemical retail, and designing lift trucks for worldwide production and marketing.
  • Testing of a prototype pump concept for over ten million cycles resulted in a unique production design.
  • To that end, we dedicated these resources to develop, manufacture and market the Ozawa Precision Metering Pump.
  • The Ozawa pump has established a reputation as one of the most accurate and reliable metering pumps on the market. The unique patented design is well suited for many industries including agricultural fertigation and chemigation, water treatment, food and industrial processing , seed treating, fruit packing, nurseries, greenhouses, and golf courses. In many of these applications, our pump is the key component in the automated injection systems developed and manufactured by Ozawa R&D.
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